Shock Absorbers by BILSTEIN

A shock absorber is a device that is designed to absorb or damp shock impulses. It can be a mechanical or hydraulic device. The basic principle behind the working of a shock absorber is that it converts the kinetic energy of the shock into some other form of energy such as heat in order to damp the shock impulses.

How are BILSTEIN Shock absorbers different from traditional ones?

BILSTIEN shock absorbers are able to deal with extreme stress which is not the case with traditional oil shock absorbers as too much of stress often leads to oil foaming which further results in shock fading thereby causing damping power to reduce. Since traditional shock absorbers had such performance issues BILSTEIN came up with a brilliant solution in 1950.  Gas-pressure technology was developed. This technology was first installed in 1957 for Mercedes-Benz vehicles. For this monotube gas-pressure shock absorbers were used. The idea behind this invention was to have strong shock absorption and suspension irrespective of the magnitude of load.

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BILSTEIN Quality Standards  

BILSTEIN shock absorbers have been built as per OE quality standards, where OE stands for “Original Equipment’. For over six decades now, whether it’s development of suspension components for series production or development of high-performance suspensions for motorsports, BILSTEIN components have been ruling the market. BILSTEIN is also known for the production of high-quality OE replacement. It assures increased power reserves and service life irrespective of the load that it is subjected to. It also provides finest adhesion and great lane change stability even in extreme conditions.