AP suspension kits for you

AP suspension kits are superior quality suspension kits that have been in the market for over a decade now and the products are very popular amongst automobile buffs. The company has its own development, quality management and support team which is why it is able to produce high quality suspension kits. These kits are not mass produced which means that for every car model type a specific kit is designed thus ensuring perfect fit and an individual tailored ride.

Components and features of AP Suspension Kits

AP Suspension Kit comprises of 4 x AP Lowering springs along with 4 x AP Sports dampers.

The features of AP Suspension Kit Contents are as follows:

  1. Several drops are available from 30-80mm (AP specialises in split drops).
  2. Better road holding and cornering speeds because of stiffer rides
  3. Prevents corrosion
  4. Dampers are uprated by thirty percent
  5. Short piston rods for smoother ride
  6. TUV approved
  7. Two year warranty


  1. Modern and good quality components
  2. AP suspension kits are available at very affordable prices.
  3. Individual adjustment and improved lowering as per the TUV range.
  4. It allows you to achieve lowering up to 60mm, as a matter of fact it is possible to lower accurately for a milli-meter.
  5. You can expect a combination of sporty handling and great performance along with maximum lowering.
  6. Enough comfort space.
  7. More agility with sporty looks and stance.