Cartuning – What can be achieved with it?

The basic purpose of car tuning is to modify a vehicle in such a way that it is able to give better performance or to give it a better appearance. Let’s have a look at what all can be achieved with the help of car tuning:

Modification of Interiors and audio system of the vehicle

Modifications can be made in the audio systems by incorporating speakers and sub woofers of superior quality. The audio system can be upgraded, wirings can be replaced etc.

Modifications in interiors are often done for racing events. Cars must adhere to the defined set of regulations. All such events define minimum required vehicle weight. Besides, there is a need to install few more additional items such as Roll cages, seat harness, fire extinguisher etc. which is why it becomes all the more important to incorporate few changes in the interior of the vehicle.

Improving performance

Engine tuning is required when there is a need to improve the performance characteristics of a vehicle. However, you must ensure that all changes are done properly or else it will have a very bad impact on the overall performance of the vehicle and can also lead to failure of mechanical and electrical components.

Suspension tuning

Modifications of shock absorbers, springs and other related components come under this category.

Body tuning

If you require modification in your car in order to change its look and aerodynamic performance then you will be opting for body tuning.

Blue ferrari with amazing body kit

Reverting modified vehicle to original factory settings

Removing modifications of a car and bringing it back to its initial factory settings comes under detuning.